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Queen Juliana of the Netherlands 1969Tulip Festival at Dows LakeLouis St. Laurent Prime Minister 1948-1957Louis St. Laurent Prime Minister 1948-1957John Diefenbaker, PC,CG,QC PM 1957-1963Lester Pearson Prime Minister 1963-1968Lester Pearson Prime Minister 1963-1968Joseph Clark Prime Minister 1979-1980Jean Cretien Prime Minister 1993-2003RH Roland Michener Governor General 1967-1974RH Roland Mitchener Governor General 1967-1974RH Jules Leger Governor General 1974-1979RH Edward Schreyer Governor General 1979-1984RH Governor General SchreyerMadame George Vanier with "Madame Vanier" TulipOttawa Mayor Jim WatsonOttawa Mayor Charlotte Whitton OC CBE 1951-1956George Drew Premier of Ontario 1943-1948 Leader of the PC Party 1948-1956Arthur Pigott & Gov. General's Foot GuardsEd Lawrence Horticulturalist to 6 Governor Generals