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Meech Creek, Dunlop Park, in the Gatineau ParkMeech Creek, Dunlop Park, gatineau ParkMalabar Bay, Blackburn Creek on the Gatineau River, Quebec 100-36Q-Gatineau River, QuebecMalabar Bay, Blackburn Creek, on the Gatineau River, QuebecCantley, Quebec K36-858FallAuberge Le Moulin, Wakefield, Quebec 100-54Q-1FalllReflection 100-35Q-4Reflection 100-35Q-3Reflections 100-35Q-75Reflections 100-35Q-6FallFall Leaves 100-26-7Leaves 100-28-30Leaves 100-28-200Fall Leaves 100-28-4Farm, Quebec 100-14Q-42Farm Quebec 100-14Q